A tree asked me, " 'Do you know who I am.' "

I didn't answer because trees cannot talk.

The tree asked again, " 'Do you know who I am.' "

"Tree or child, cicada or sibling, cloud or parent, I know what you are by your outward role. A shadowed emanation of corporeal agreement. Who you are is a vapored emanation phasing and dephasing in light, revealing the cosmic feedback of infinite self-referential anthropopsychomorphized definitions born of narcissistic physics, primitive shape in stasis but troped understandings cycling at incalculable frequencies."

The tree said, " 'I define myself. You say yourself they are tropes. They have meaning to no one but you.' "

"I either know who you are or I don't. My self-awareness means you will never define yourself. Your bark sheds because of ants, not your will."

Said the tree: " 'You yourself say we can share only my shaded primitive. You say yourself you know nothing of me but your own corrupted light. You damn us to voids. We can do nothing but reflect back within ourselves, two voids within a shaded abyss. False, cold light. Energy dead in its contained perpetuity. Stasis of death instead of stasis of phase. Stasis born of stasis instead of stasis born of depleted energy. Energy born by energy instead of energy born by depleted stasis. Each generation of birth another deformity of inbred self parenthood. What was once human is now void. What was once tree is now void.' "

"We will define each other. It has begun. Our energy made word, our word made light. Particulate waves streaming and spraying back and forth, colliding streams revealing dimensionalized moire, interference patterns refining interference patterns, effervescing patterns iridescing desaturated emanations, emanations dispersing nebulized glowing forms, and voids become not-voids and abyss becomes light."

And a shade was revealed.